Multimodal transport

Putting the righ mix tegether

Overlands transportation contain maybe the biggest logistical challenges. Because it aways combines several transportation modes. By barge on the rivers, by truck in the highways and by pickup van to the final destination. Always a puzzle, with many possibilities. But also a business in which the difference can be made. In terms of time management, chain management and environmental. Meaning the shipper had to know its bit. Having both the knowledge and experience to get it right. Euro Forwarding had all it takes in this field. Reducing, for example, the number of shipping modes per trip. Give the a call and find out for yourself. You'll be surprised!


Air freight

When on time, on budget and in good order makes the difference

When time is the most dominant factor, airplanes are the answer. But airfreight is a specialized service. That can easily turn against you, when not professionally managed. It requires reliable partners at the air-hubs, fixed closing times at warehouses, a chain completely managed and secured. All without you noticing it is there. The only thing you need to know is that the freight will be delivered on time, on budget and in good order. The rest is taken care of by the Smart Solutions of Euro Forwarding. On a daily bases. From every corner of the globe.


Sea freight

Often the most cost effective way to transport

Rotterdam offers regular services to most ports across the world. Logistically it is the place to be. And often sea freight is the cheapest way to transport goods as well. But making use of this transportation mode requires to relieve the increased legislative burden, to present the cargo on time in order not to miss the boat, literally or figuratively. The experience of Euro Forwarding makes a difference here. And has done so in the last 30 years. For both import and export, as well as cross-trade shipments. With regard to Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL). All round, so to speak.


Road transportation

30 years of experience combined in one shipper

Whether from the producer to the sea port, from the airport to the warehouse, or directly overland from the manufacturer to the consumer. International logistics are nowhere without the ability to organize and realize road transportation. Euro Forwarding knows this and has proven in the last 30 years they master this logistical mode. They even have their own trailers to get the goods to the right place. Making Euro Forwarding effective via land, sea and air at the same time.


Storing and packaging

Order pick and distribute is special business

Taking goods, machines, parts and any other item from A to B is one thing in logistics. Creating the availability to store, keep inventory, (re)pack, order pick and distribute to consumer doorsteps is quite another. But to every real professional supply chain company, it’s an indispensable part of the business. Euro Forwarding has in The Netherlands alone three locations in Rotterdam and one at Schiphol Airport. Making sure that your goods are always secure. Always looked after. And always handled in exactly the right way. Also when packaging is required. Enabling you, through their advanced IT solutions, to monitor the inventory online on a daily basis.



International rail cargo

Reducing your environmental footprint

The use of rail transport is getting bigger lately. Firstly because companies want to reduce their environmental footprint. But there is also another significant reason: the Belt and Road initiative of China. Putting two and two together: ordering parties that reduce the environmental burden of transporting goods by ship through changing to rail transport. A significant development that hasn’t seen its full potential yet. Secondly, the rail connection between Rotterdam and – for example – the Ruhr industrial area in Germany is also excellent. With Euro Forwarding putting that fact to practice for many years now. Becoming very experienced in this area of transport as well.



Contract logistics

Do what you do best, and source the rest

We at Euro Forwarding say to entrepreneurs: do what you do best, and source the rest. Especially the logistics, warehousing and supply chain management. You manage your business, and Euro Forwarding manages the supply chain. With practice proving: the Smart Solutions of Euro Forwarding aren’t more expensive than a specialized inhouse department. On the contrary! It saves time, energy and money. And increases quality and effectiveness at the same time.