The storage and tracking you are looking for

Transporting goods, machines, parts and products from A to B is one thing in logistics. Creating the possibility to store, to always have inventory in view, to (re) package, to take care of order picking and, moreover, to arrange transport to the consumer is something completely different. But for any true supply chain professional an indispensable part of business operations. Service that reaches the 'all-in-level' and even realizes a 'one-stop-shop'.

In the Netherlands alone, Euro Forwarding has three locations in Rotterdam and one at Schiphol. Dressed with care, so that your goods are always safe, cared for and handled exactly the right way. Supplemented with the possibility to monitor the inventory online on a daily basis through their advanced IT solutions.

Efficiency is an important pillar of professional logistics. But Euro Forwarding's warehouse facilities and services take this to a higher level. Creating opportunities for SMEs that are normally reserved for corporates. At a price that will raise your eyebrows. So view the Smart Solutions from Euro Forwarding and call for an appointment. You will be amazed at what they have to offer you.