Logistics & science: Drop Shipping:

Your customers promise their ordered product without it being in your storage. Until a few years ago, this practice was considered a recipe for disaster and bankruptcy. But today it is reality. Thanks to next-generation supply chain management: extensive logistics experience, fast handling, digital 'wizardry', state-of-the-art planning and enormous transport knowledge combined.

Drop shipping is a profession in which logistics and science come together. Not something for the faint hearted or inexperienced. Because if there has ever been a supply chain solution with nano error margins, it is this one. That is why it is so important that entrepreneurs choose the right logistics partner. One who knows what he is talking about. And more importantly, it can deliver. Every day, every day.

Euro Forwarding has taken up the challenge of drop shipping from the beginning. Worked through the early teething troubles and developed this branch of sport into one of its Smart Solutions. Something they are very proud of and are happy to share with you. So, if drop shipping suits your business development, give them a call. Because you cannot invest this specialism in a better place than this.